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Good News - Wanted - A Village Pond

In 2015 one of our readers from Palgrave built an ornamental pond with some fabulous old volcanic rocks, complete with a pump.

“Soon afterwards a pair of quiet, tame mallard arrived. They stayed through the autumn and winter and we knew we would soon be parents again.

In early April, the female disappeared for the brooding period, appearing once a day to scoff bread and corn provided by us.

One sunny day she walked through the gate with fifteen day olds – they took us over. We learned so much about them and they did about us. I taught them how to fly by chasing them into a stiff breeze whilst flapping my arms.

They have never ceased to amuse and entertain us.

We expect to become parents again in the Spring of 2017 thus, we must adopt about fourteen original ducks soon.

These birds are definitely village ducks.

To adopt the ducks they would require penning for about three to four days prior to release.

A round of bread and some soaked wheat and they are anyone’s.

Oh, and a pond of course!”

Can Village People reader’s help?

Get in touch with our Editor, Lily, in the first instance by email at [email protected] or call on 01284 788623.

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