You no longer have to face the facelift

The popularity of cosmetic procedures is on the rise.

A high proportion of men and women would consider surgical or non-surgical procedures nowadays, proving there has been a shift in attitudes.
There have been amazing advances in technology and our understanding of age-related changes allows us to achieve results with minimal recovery time. Stretched, artificial appearing facelifts of the 70s are a thing of the past. Patients today want a natural, fuller and fresher appearance, and this can be achieved.

It is now understood that bigger, more invasive surgeries do not necessarily provide better results. These are associated with prolonged recovery periods and higher risks, so many doctors and patients are moving away from these. Today more than 80 per cent of cosmetic procedures are non-surgical or minimally invasive and this number is going to rise further as newer and better treatments come along.

What is driving the change?

We now know that facial ageing is more than just sagging skin. In the past, patients would undergo a major facelift under general anesthesia, which caused bruising and swelling that would last weeks. The result would be tighter skin, but not necessarily younger looking faces!

Cosmetic surgeons now know that the face deflates due to loss of soft tissue, such as fat and even bones. It is also understood that skin quality deteriorates, so all aspects of facial aging can now be addressed.

Lasers have changed the game; they repair and rejuvenate the skin. To replace lost volume, soft tissue fillers or even fat can be inserted under the skin. These two treatments complement each other and are less invasive and less of a commitment than a facelift.

However, if a facelift is still your wish, these can now be done under pure local anaesthesia with little to no recovery period or bruising – depending on the extent of surgery.

General anaesthesia is no longer required for body contouring either. It can be carried out purely under local anaesthesia with fine instruments while you listen to relaxing music. Why not utilise the removed fat by using it to enhance other body parts, such as hands, breasts or buttocks?

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