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Q: : I’ve been feeling unusually angry and irritable recently and it’s starting to have an effect on my relationships at home and work. Can you help?

A: The pace and pressures of life and changing hormonal levels both monthly and menopausal may raise anxiety levels and there can be a fine line between coping and over-reacting!

We don’t normally bother too much about which brand we buy or, indeed, really notice much difference in how we feel after taking it.

Naturally soothing herbs can ease this anger and irritability. Try the delightfully calming Bioforce Passiflora Complex – a few drops in water taken regularly will soon restore that smile!

Dehydration can raise anxiety too, so if you’re getting angry with hot flushes simply drink more water.

Low blood sugar levels can be a trigger. Eat sensibly and regularly as we tend to be more irritable and angry when we’re hungry. Avoid too much caffeine because it can have a negative affect your nervous system.

Solgar Magnesium Citrate is known as your happy mineral and will keep your mood more balanced. So that’s a really important one to take during the menopause and works best with a Vitamin B Complex tablet to give that nervous system much needed support.

Remember too that homeopathic support can help enormously – the remedy Sepia can ease premenstrual irritability and Pulsatilla is good if you are feeling hormonal and tearful.

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