Q&A Health – Hair loss and the menopause

Q: Is hair loss part of the menopause? And if so, will it improve afterwards?

A: Feeling that your hair is getting really brittle, thinning or losing its sheen is actually very common in the menopause and is usually just caused by falling hormones.

But, there can be lots of contributory factors so let’s take a little look at those:

One of the most important things that you need for good hair growth is protein, so make sure you top up your diet or get a protein powder shake and have one three times a week.

Stress can be a big cause of hair loss. If you feel there is a lot of stress in your life (and the menopause creates stress in itself) remember to take a good vitamin B complex daily, such as Solgar B50, to naturally restore calm.

Another factor, especially if you start to lose your hair at the beginning of the menopause, is if you have heavy or prolonged periods. This can lead to anemia, which can also cause hair loss. If tiredness is also a problem make sure you get your iron levels checked and remember natural iron supplements such as Floradix liquid will help.

Remember too that during the menopause your thyroid can become a little sluggish. Taking Kelp tablets – which is natural seaweed – can help the thyroid function. However, if dietary changes do not help just ask your doctor to check your thyroid levels.

In most instances yes, your hair will grow back after menopause, but it will depend on your stress levels and whether you’re actually getting the right nutrition for healthy hair.

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