Q&A Health – Fussy Eater?

Q: : I’m a fussy eater, so I try to balance my diet with multi-vitamins from my local supermarket, but I wonder if it really does me any good – or am I just wasting my money?

A: Many of us pop a multi-vitamin daily; often just a random product we find during our weekly shopping.

We don’t normally bother too much about which brand we buy or, indeed, really notice much difference in how we feel after taking it.

There certainly are benefits to taking regular supplements, particularly if you don’t have a very varied and balanced diet.

But there is one thing that the Natural Food Store would recommend to anyone doubting their current daily multi-vitamin’s effectiveness…

Solgar OMNIUM has been welcomed in to our lives as a new, sensible alternative to a daily multi-vitamin. It is just so good!

Instead of endless lists of minuscule ingredients on the pot, OMNIUM is brimming with natural food-sourced nutrients – it’s a real “super food” – it contains the following:

  • A base of 300mg of easily-absorbable Ester C
  • “Real” amounts of all important vitamins and minerals
  • 50 to 60mg of B vitamins to soothe and ease life’s stresses
  • Broccoli extract
  • Grape seed
  • Pine bark extract
  • Even 400mg of folic acid – now recognised as vital during pregnancy and for heart health in later years

If you’re looking for a supplement that you will quickly notice lifting and supporting you through daily life, this is one to try. And it’s natural too!

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