Little and Great Melton

Starting Point: Little Melton Village Hall, Mill Road, Little Melton, NR9 3NX.

Grid Reference: OS Map 237 156071

Walk Length: 3.3 Miles / 5.5 Km


01. Turn right out of the Village Hall car park and walk to Mill Road. Turn right and walk towards a road sign ending speed restrictions, turning left just before it through a large gap in the hedge onto a footpath. Keep right to walk round the edge of a field. Follow the path round the field corner and then keep ahead (way marked arrows) to cross the field on a footpath.

02. At the road (Great Melton Road) turn right and almost immediately turn left to cross a field on a footpath. At the hedge, continue with the hedge on your left. Follow the path round the corner of the field, then go through the wide gap and turn right.

03. Follow this path towards an information board about Hethersett Pit, but before reaching the board follow the well-worn path as it bends to the left. Cross a wide path and walk towards some trees. Follow the path as it bears left and continue on this path, ignoring a path to the right. Turn right at a junction of paths by trees, but keep right after reaching the trees.

04. On reaching the field, turn right and follow the path round the field. Turn right down a wide track to walk past a pond and follow the track to reach the road. Pass a metal gate and turn right. After about 200m you will reach Great Melton Church.

05. Pass the church and continue along Market Lane. As the road bends to the left, use the permissive footpath to the right of the road. Continue ahead to meet another footpath then turn left and exit onto the road down a steep slope.

06. Turn right up the road to reach a road junction, turn left into Rectory Road and continue to the next junction. Turn right onto Mill Road, passing All Saints Church, Little Melton to return to the Village Hall.

Disclaimer: Although this route was checked prior to publication, readers should check for local changes before they walk and ensure they walk within their capabilities.


Route by Ruth Burn and Sarah Liddington
Route checked by Mark Johnson
Photography by Mark Johnson

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