Caistor St Edmund Roman Town

Walk Information

Starting Point: Caistor St Edmund Roman Town Car Park, Stoke Road, Caistor St Edmund, Norfolk NR14 8QL.

Grid Reference: OS Map 237 232032

Walk Length: 2.9 Miles / 4.7 Km


01. From the car park, walk through the gate opposite the entrance – not the gate on the right. Walk along the grassy field keeping the Roman Town on the right and the sheep fence on the left. At the end of the fence turn left, keeping the hedge immediately on your left.

02. Go through the gate and continue straight ahead, with the hedge on your left. Go through a second gate, passing the sewage works, then bear right and walk around the edge of the field, keeping the River Tas on your left – note the lovely clear water flowing over the river bed vegetation.

03. Go through the kissing gate and cross a bridge. Continue along the path. Turn left and cross the River Tas via the bridge with a gate at each end, then turn left and follow the field edge path, bearing right, then left. Keep walking clockwise around the edge of the field, (do not exit onto the road).

04. When you come to a path going right (there is a seat) walk down the hill, admiring the views. Cross back over the River Tas via the bridge with a gate at each end and turn left. At the tree standing alone (there is a seat overlooking the Tas) turn right and walk up the gentle slope towards the display panel, bear left along this part of the Roman Town wall.

05. Walk along the top of the wall overlooking the site on your right, until you reach a gate, turn left down into a field, then bear right. Walk around the bottom of the Roman Town, keeping it on your right.

06. Just before the 5-bar gate, turn right and follow the path in front of you, going through a wooden gate. Turn right and walk along the church access track to the church. Go around the church and through the gate, bear left, then right and go through the gate back into the car park.

Disclaimer: Although this route was checked prior to publication, readers should check for local changes before they walk and ensure they walk within their capabilities.


Route by Peter Neave and Ruth Burn
Route checked by Mark Johnson
Photography by Mark Johnson

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