WARP & WEFT with HUGH LUPTON, Master Storyteller

  • Date: Sat 21st Sep 2024
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Location: Bergh Apton Church, School Rd NR15 1BX
  • Contact: 01508 558440

Hugh, master story-teller, weaves stories that will make you laugh or cry, shiver with fear, all woven in the great magical tapestry which makes us, an island race, into what we are.

Shadows of Green Children, giants, a buried king and his warriors lost in sleep, Black Shuck, a Green Knight rides into a King’s Court, shape shifting Selkies, Jack o’ Lanterns, the Oak and Holly kings, bells from drowned churches and mermaids and phantom ships ride the salt seas.

A Bergh Apton Arts Production.

For more: https://www.berghaptonarts.org/warp-weft-2024