The Bible Exhibition

  • Date: Mon 10th Apr 2023
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Location: The Forum / Norwich
  • Contact: Nathan Walker / [email protected] / 01953 687743

The UK’s largest touring exhibition of ancient and modern Bibles is coming to Norwich. Hosted by Norwich Christadelphians, the exhibition aims to show how the Bible has survived through the ages, and how it has been translated into many languages. Exhibits include; a range of ancient and modern Bibles and a 13th century Latin manuscript, a modern facsimile of the first printed Bible and a 16th century Jewish scroll; and replicas of archaeological exhibits from around the world. There are also video presentations and computer quizzes. Visitors are able to use a free audio guide as they go round the exhibition. A simple step-by-step explanation of the message of the Bible is provided to help understanding the basics of what is often seen as a very complicated book. It will give some ideas on why the Bible is important for us today.