Norfolk Plant Heritage – Plant Fair

  • Date: Sun 25th Aug 2019
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Location: Hethersett Village Hall / Back Lane / Hethersett / NR9 3JJ
  • Contact: Kathy Gray / 07880 556928

Many of our once loved garden plants are quietly vanishing forever. We keep rare plants growing…
As plants fall out of fashion or are superseded, vital genetic traits could simply vanish, unless they are taken into care and shared with others. If the expertise to grow and propagate them is also lost, our ability to properly conserve our unique garden flora is placed under significant threat.
The Norfolk Plant Heritage Group ( is committed to encouraging its members to grow historic, unusual and threatened plants, to share plants with other members, to help preserve genetic material and biodiversity and to ensure a rich horticultural environment for future generations: conservation through cultivation.
This is carried out in various ways. Plant Heritage is lucky to have holders of more than 600 National Plant Collections around the UK amongst its members. This means that they search out and grow the widest range of their special interest plant groups.
The Threatened Plants Project is working to identify garden-worthy plants with the highest risk of extinction, with the ambition that these can be conserved in National Plant Collections and the Plant Guardian Scheme. By becoming part of The Plant Guardian Scheme, members can nurture rare plants in their own gardens.
As a membership organisation, Plant Heritage’s network of local groups around the country, organise events to keep plant variety in our gardens.