“Endings & Beginnings Dreams Achieved: Dreams Pursued” A Bergh Apton Festival event

  • Date: Sat 7th Oct 2023
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Location: Bergh Apton Church / School Road / Bergh Apton / NR15 1BX
  • Contact: Christopher Meynell / [email protected] / 01508 558440

Xa Tollemache, (Author, ‘A Garden Well-placed’) &
Hopwood DePree (Author, ‘Downton Shabby’)

The Comic and the Gardener. Wit and Wisdom. An evening not to be missed.
Gardens, their design; ancient houses; trials and tribulations of restoration.Determination and talent has, and is, producing astounding results for two courageous, creative individuals, pursuing their dreams in parallel.
Xa Tollemache, Member of RHS Council (Author, ‘A Garden Well-placed’), winner of a Gold Medal and two Silver-gilts at RHS Chelsea Flower Shows
and a successful international career designing town and country gardens, large and small.
Hopwood DePree (Author, ‘Downton Shabby’) an award-winning and critically acclaimed writer, stand-up comedian & film-maker from California,
has appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe. Hopwood discovered his ancestral home (1400s) in near terminal decline. He dreams to restore it to its former glory.
Xa and Hopwood have written their lively and amusing stories in books presented at the Chatsworth Literary Fest.

To raise funds for Ormiston Families, a charity working across East Anglia supporting families with mental health issues, the loss of someone significant or the imprisonment of a loved one.
And also Bergh Apton Church.