Belshazzar’s Feast – “Misletoe & Whine” Christmas 2021 Tour

  • Date: Sat 27th Nov 2021
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Location: The Corn Hall / 10 St Nicholas St. / Diss / IP22 4LB
  • Contact:

With a new album out in time for their Christmas tour, the wickedly inventive and beloved folk duo are celebrating over 25 years together

The ‘Mistletoe & Whine’ tour will be Paul & Paul’s last full-length Christmas fling, with future outings being shorter affairs. Audiences look forward to the annual Christmas tour with great anticipation. What awaits them is an inspired mix of seasonal carols, songs and tunes (both modern and traditional), which combine to create a heart-warming, beautiful and frequently hilarious evening of music and entertainment