Merci Pour la Musique

  • Date: Thu 6th Sep 2018
  • Time: 7:30 pm
  • Location: Maddermarket Theatre / St. John's Alley / Norwich / NR2 1DR
  • Contact: Box Office - Maddermarket Theatre / [email protected] / 01603 620917 /

Dreamcast Productions return to the Maddermarket Theatre to continue their love affair with iconic French language singers and songwriters in ‘Merci Pour La Musique’, a musical odyssey of famous songs, and their sometimes unexpected French origins.

The effortless charm of Charles Aznavour, exotic beauty of Josephine Baker, the epic tales of Jacques Brel and the power and passion of Edith Piaf have produced some of the most successful popular songs of the 20th century, and firmly planted into the hearts of English speaking audiences.

Sung in both English and French, Dreamcast open a storybook of fabulous vintage hits, made famous by both their original artists and fellow stars as diverse as Dusty Springfield, Sacha Distel, Bobby Darin, Petula Clark, Scott Walker and Frank Sinatra to discover the origins of some of the greatest lyric-driven works of all time.

‘Merci Pour la Musique’ presents la crème de la crème of songs that have delighted, seduced and enchanted audiences across the world. Some of which you may always have suspected had a Parisian flair, and others which will take you by complete surprise!

So, if you ever wondered what gave your favourite song that certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’, the answer may lie just across the channel.