‘Football Crazy’ Interactive Theatre Show For 3-7 Year Olds

  • Date: Thu 7th Jun 2018
  • Time: 4:00 pm
  • Location: Fairland Hall / Fairland Street / Wymondham
  • Contact: Paul Andrew Goldsmith / [email protected] / 07900671144

The Pyjama Drama gang have been invited to the football world cup final in Moscow. However, how will they get all the way to Russia? Will walking Mrs Bassett’s dog through Dark Park raise them enough money for a plane ticket? or will the dog gang get in the way of them doing their job? And when they finally get there, will they be required to take prime position on the pitch and take the penalties.

Join Paul as he leads the action of this world cup themed show, your child will sing, dance, play drama games and do lots and lots of pretending as they take centre stage in this Interactive Theatre Performance.

What happens in an Interactive Performance? During this hour-long show, children are whisked away on imaginary adventures. They’ll explore new lands, take on a range of roles and meet new characters, developing a whole range of skills along the way! They’ll sing, dance, play drama games and, of course, do lots and lots of pretending. One very talented Pyjama Drama leader will take on a range of roles in this magical adventure. We don’t need props or costumes – all we need is a little imagination!
Tickets are £6.50 per participating child, younger/older siblings and accompanying adults are welcome to watch from the sides free of charge. Alternatively sign up for ‘Monthly club’ for just £5 per month.
Showing at 16.00 and 17.15 (Please specify on booking form)