Charity Bingo

  • Date: Sat 5th May 2018
  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Location: North Lopham Village Hall / Church Lane / North Lopham / IP22 2HS
  • Contact: Keri / [email protected] / 01379687807

Harry NEEDS life saving Proton Therapy Treatment abroad.
Harry has a tumour in his spinal cord, which after two major operations to de-bulk and 12 months of chemotherapy, is still growing. As the chemotherapy hasn’t worked all treatment has stopped.
On top of this, Harry has Leptomeningeal disease in his brain, which the Oncologists at Addenbrookes haven’t seen before. This rare disease that is very unpredictable is growing and at some point will likely cause further health problems for Harry. The hope is that the Proton Therapy will also stop this in its tracks.The NHS have been amazingly supportive over the last two and a half years and have treated Harry as much as they could. However, due to the Leptomeningeal Disease in his brain, the funding for Proton Therapy has been turned down. Due to Harry’s age and the side affects/risks associated with radiotherapy we feel this is not something we can put him through so the only option is to take him abroad for Proton Therapy which we would have to fund ourselves.
We are raising funds to cover his treatment, which would take six weeks plus an initial visit for scans, the cost of accommodation, food and travel for the family etc. As the tumour is still growing it is of great urgency we get Harry out to Germany to get the treatment started.
The cost is going to be around £70,000
Family Bingo, Raffle & Refreshments
Doors open 6.30pm eyes down 7.45pm